Just out if curiosity, what would you say the average cost of a new, basic, General Aviation aircraft is? 180K seems pretty high to me, but I really don't have a scope on this stuff. And I guess to add to it, what's the cheapest new plane on the market, and realistically, how cheap could a company sell a LSA for if… » 7/28/14 12:40am 7/28/14 12:40am

Well then,

I've gotten dead set on an S2000. An AP2. But only the 04-05 model. 06+ have a revised floor pan that makes it a bit difficult to fit some aftermarket stuff. No tan interior, no all red interior, no blue interior. All black, or red/black. I want to put in some jersey red Recaro Pole Positions, and kinda do a NSX-R… » 9/10/13 5:27pm 9/10/13 5:27pm