So guys

Shopping for a used car from dealer. Aside from Craigslist, and Autotrader, what websites do I check to see inventory and all that junk? » 9/24/13 1:03pm 9/24/13 1:03pm

When you guys are shopping for cars

from dealers, I should add, what websites do you use? I know Craigslist, and Autotrader. But are there others? » 9/22/13 3:07am 9/22/13 3:07am

Well then,

I've gotten dead set on an S2000. An AP2. But only the 04-05 model. 06+ have a revised floor pan that makes it a bit difficult to fit some aftermarket stuff. No tan interior, no all red interior, no blue interior. All black, or red/black. I want to put in some jersey red Recaro Pole Positions, and kinda do a NSX-R… » 9/10/13 5:27pm 9/10/13 5:27pm